In 2014 we were lucky enough to be able to attract two world class wood artist from the USA, namely Jacques Vesery, and Binh Pho. Binh and Jacques works are worlds apart, but both have a unique approach in what they do. They proved to be great assets, both in their willingness to collaborate with our members, and also to pass on some of their many skills, during their public demonstrations and the master classes. It was a privilege for us all to have the opportunity to learn from two such talented woodworkers.

I would like to thank everyone that took part in the collaboration, and all those that helped to organise the demonstration and master classes; Kevin Luff for the use of his workshop; and the Manjimup Woodturners for hosting Jacques' demonstration. A job well done. Rob Jones.

Yvonne Pegrum, secretary,
and Helen Quaife, treasurer -
Manjimup Woodturners Group.

A large group of
interested onlookers.

Jacques Vesery showing his skill
using the sharp edge
on a garden spade.


An appreciative crowd watched the Jacques Vesery slide show.

Binh Pho Two Day Master Class


Rob Jones, Bob Filby, Chris Smith,
Binh Pho (head of the table)
and Kevin Luff.

Binh Pho giving Rob Jones
a lesson on cut outs.
Completed airbrushing
Kevin Luff, Chris Smith and
Doug McDiarmid studying
the demonstration.
Kerrie Bear and Neil Turner
discussing air brushing techniques.

Jacques Vesery Two Day Master Class

Jacques Vesery demonstrates how it is done
and the class tries their hand.



Jacques Vesery offers guidance to Stephanie Ryan and Sarah Munday

2015 Manjimup demonstration

Guilio Marcolongo demonstrates his skill
to a very attentive audience

Michael Kehs'
demonstration and
"hands on" 2016

The attendees were (back row) Doug Bell, Neil Turner, Rob Jones, Dan Killgallon and (front row) Kevin Luff, Kerrie Bear, Michael Kehs, Doug McDiarmid, Dorothy Seeman, Nancy Launer, Frank Evans


Hape Kiddle's demonstration and "hands on" 2016

attended by (back row) Percy Boyes, Doug Bell, Kevin Luff, Bob Svendsen, Ray Carter, Wally Kleber, Dan Killgallon and (front row) Doug McDiarmid, Kerrie Bear, Dorothy Seeman, Hape Kiddle, Stephanie Ryan and Rob Jones


Hape Kiddle "hands on" 2017

Those who attend were (back row) Allan Williams, Doug McDiarmid, Ray Carter, Kevin Luff, Chris Smith and Tony Boschman; (front row) Brooke Mitchell, Hape KIddle, Alison Smith, Dorothy Seeman and Rob Jones. A very much enjoyed hands on workshop.
Dorothy Seeman and Chris Smith

Chris Smith and Allan Williams
Tony Boschman and Rob Jones

Allan Williams, Hape Kiddle, Ray Carter, Kevin Luff and Brooke Mitchell

Doug Bell "hands on" 2017 Standing: Rob Jones, Sheila Roberts, Daphne Kershaw, Dorothy Seeman, Kevin Luff, Stephanie Ryan, Allan Williams, Doug Bell, Frank Evans
Front row: Jenny Kendrick, Nancy Launer, John Scarfe, Dan Killgallon
Pyrography practice board Stephanie Ryan showing her artistic talents
Group hard at work absorbing the lesson being taught by Doug Bell Finished item
Finished items Sitting: Rob Jones, Allan Williams
Standing: Stephanie Ryan
In back ground: Dorothy Seeman