About CollaborationWA


Collaboration WA Inc. was formed in early 2008 by a small group of wood artists: Jack deVos, Gordon Ward, Toni Wilson, Neil Turner, Vaughn Richmond and Robert Jones, with the intent of lifting the profile of wood art in Western Australia.

With this in mind we set about organising a collaborative workshop, where woodworkers with various talents and skills, from all over Australia, could work together on shared projects in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The emphasis was to be on enjoyment and adventure, rather than staying within your own comfort zone. We also envisaged inviting artists from other disciplines: painters, jewellers, metalworkers and others to work with us to create new and interesting works which any one person would find impossible to make working on their own.

The initial collaborative workshop, held in April 2009, was a great success, thanks to the skills and enthusiasm of the participants. We were lucky enough to attract a number of interstate artists, including Neil Scobie, Robert Fry and Greg Lawrence. The positive response encouraged us to arrange a similar collaboration in 2010, and has led to events each year since then. The workshops have evolved so that every second year (those ending in an even number) we invite artist/s from overseas and with noted artist/s from within Australia featured other years. An added feature to the 2009 event was the inclusion of demonstrations, open to members and the public by leading exponents of artistic woodwork. These were held at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries and Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School by the well respected interstate wood artists, Stephen Hughes and Greg Lawrence. This tradition has continued, often with the involvement of the West Australian Woodturners Association.

To add to the initial idea of lifting the profile of wood art we decided to approach the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, suggesting we hold an exhibition at the gallery to coincide with the workshop. BRAG was very helpful and with their assistance we were able to put together the Coast to Coast exhibition, with the first one opening in May 2009. This exhibition was set up on a very limited budget, but still managed to attract some of Australia's best wood artists to exhibit. This too continues with artist from across Australia and overseas (not only those involved in workshops) contributing works.


Membership is by invitation, or recommendation, but if you think that you have something to offer our group, or the thought of working collaboratively with like-minded artists interests you, please get in touch with